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Photo In the following articles, the attorneys of Fink Rosner Ershow-Levenberg Law Firm share their insights on managing the complexities of navigating Special Needs, Medicaid, and other areas of Disability law. Our knowledge and experience in disability and elder law helps you preserve the health, safety and welfare of family members while at the same time helping you preserve your assets.



What To Do If Medicaid Benefits Are Terminated : The attorneys at Fink Rosner Ershow-Levenberg have experience dealing with termination of Medicaid Benefits caused by life changes, and have strategies that can help avoid catastrophic consequences.

What's Involved in Medicaid Applications for Nursing Home Care : Medicaid will pay for nursing home care once you meet specified financial criteria that includes looking back five years at countable and non-countable resources.

The Elective Share in Elder Law Planning : The impact of the spousal "elective share" on Medicaid elder care planning.

Medicaid Eligibility Under The Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 : A variety of planning strategies – including "five year plans" – take into account the changing requirements for nursing home care and Medicaid.

Questions & Answers about Nursing Home Care and Medicaid : Important criteria for selecting a nursing home and requirements for Medicaid funding of nursing home care.

Medicaid Fair Hearing Process : How to file an appeal of a Medicaid decision. Timing is critical.


This series of articles explains the use of governmental benefits, private mortgages and reverse mortgages to create a plan for elders who require either institutional care in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, or who are trying to remain in their homes when they are short on cash and have only their home as their primary asset.

Medicaid Fundamentals : Understanding the fundamentals of Medicaid benefits helps develop a plan to overcome hurdles when financing nursing home or institutional care or while trying to remain in your home.

Financing House Expenses : Covering the cost of property taxes, maintenance, and other house expenses when the homeowner is in institutional care or remains in the home.

Reverse Mortages : Traditional home equity loans are often not available to low income seniors. While the costs can be steep and caution is needed, a reverse mortgage is often the only way to buy yourself a few extra years in your house.


Medicare and Secondary Insurance Coverage : Why isn't Medicare Part A enough? Why do you need a "medi-gap" policy? Why choose Medicare Part B?

Social Security Rules You May Not Know About : There are many protections built into the Social Security system for insured individuals and their family members. You may be surprised to learn of all the benefits available.


Why Guardianship is Important for the Developmentally Disabled : Considering Guardianship for your child who is approaching their 18th birthday and has a developmental disability or is on the autism spectrum or is medically frail.


Questions & Answers About Social Security Disability : Basic rules about Social Security Disability and how to apply for benefits.

Are You Insured Under Social Security Disability? : Before you file an initial application for Social Security Disability benefits, you must make sure you are insured under that program.

Social Security Disability Benefits for Children : Children who are disabled may be eligible for disability benefits if they are the qualified dependent of an insured individual.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) : A child who is disabled may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

SSI and Estate Planning : A child receiving SSI cannot be the owner of assets. Special estate planning strategies should be considered to assist the child to meet the financial criteria for SSI.


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